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11oz Ceramic Mug - There Is No Finish Line

11oz Ceramic Mug - There Is No Finish Line

This ceramic mug has been designed for the hardcore runner and ultra-runner.

Includes "there is no finish line" inspiring slogan printed on both sides, your favourite athlete will love taking this along for any thrilling adventures that they may have in store!

With this mug you are saying that time is just a number and you have got no limits to how far you will go!
  • For ultra runners who don't know when to stop.
  • 11oz glossy ceramic.
  • Dishwasher safe for over 10,000 washes!!!!!
  • Microwave safe.

These high quality ceramic Mugs are screen printed so they have a super high-quality finish. The "There is no finish line mug" is a ceramic mug with a glossy white finish.

The mug is hard wearing and is great for runners as motivation to keep going. Get to the finish line in style! This super durable mug of encouragement represents the journey, not the destination, and stands up to whatever life throws at it.

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