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6 Tips For New Runners

6 Tips For New Runners
⭐️Don't overthink it; relax, slow down and enjoy it. Above everything else, running should be fun. You are doing great!

🔃 This is a re-post from earlier this year, but I hope you like it with the updated ✨Rundeavour branding✨

🙋‍♂️ Let me know if you agree with any of these tips, or share your own in the comments - Slow down is my all time fav - comment with 💜 if you agree 😊

Bonus tips:
✅ Smile and acknowledge EVERYONE you meet, its amazing how a simple smile can make someone's day.
✅ Give people enough space.
✅ Be Grateful - I often think about all those who cannot run for various reasons, and that reminds me to be grateful and appreciate every run as if it was my last.

🙏 Thank you so much for your support, as always.

🚀 Rundeavour is an online store selling gifts for runners and fitness enthusiasts. Bristol-based founder, Stephen Taggart, is an ultra-marathon runner (you can follow his running journey here @livingeverymile) and designs all the products, spanning drinkware and clothing and accessories.

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Let's talk about... Tips for new runners.

Let's talk about... Tips for new runners.

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