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Great gifts for runners.

Great gifts for runners.

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post!? I am experimenting here and will be sharing my own perspective on various topics surrounding running. As someone who runs a site selling gifts for runners, I thought it makes sense to give my own gift ideas for runners.

I will be hoping to publish at least once per week. I currently do not receive any affiliate commission from any of the external links below but may do in the future, I do of course encourage you to check out the other products on my store I hope they may be of interest.

What makes someone a runner?

I am actually relatively new to becomIng a “runner”. Prior to my first marathon in April 2019 I had not run more than a half marathon and I didn’t have any childhood history of running or wasn’t part of a cross country team. I was your average plodder, running no more than a 10km possibly a half marathon once per year for charity, and I did NOT train for those. I never hated running though, and I had always watched with interest family and friends who had been runners for years and years and done this mythical thing called parkrun.

If you are reading this post you probably know someone who is like that so what do you buy for them as a gift?

Gifts for casual runners

During and post lockdown there are now more and more casual runners embarking on a couch to 5km programme or just trying to run their first mile without a break, those in the run/walk category and those wanting to improve their 5km and 10km times. However, for your beginner or average runner its not so much about the distance its more about just getting out there and enjoying it (if you can!).

As for gifts you might not want to splurge on an expensive new watch or a new pair of running shoes as they might not make good use of it early on, in fact studies have shown there is no evidence that spending more money improves injury prevention or comfort (source). 

If you are looking for a site to find your next running shoe I would recommend Runrepeat where you can get a feel for what are the most popular shoes with the highest rating.

Perhaps you just want to share in their journey and send a little encouragement. I have put together a list of cheap gifts for runners, whatever your budget. I would have loved to receive some of these early on in my journey!

5 gifts for runners under £15

1 Funny badge pins

Why not send a funny gift with some funny run quotes for your loved ones to open the minute after their run.


2 Drinkware

Aluminium Sports Water Bottle


3 Coaster 

A bit of a gimmick but a cheeky coaster in the post is a great gift for runners.


4 Ceramic Mug

This great gift is easily relatable to most runners, that feeling is the reason most of us run!


5 Enamel Mug

This hard-wearing Enamel mug with a retro metallic trim, is perfect for a cuppa wherever you are. Camping trips, long runs in the hills, hiking or even just a nice brew at home.


Hopefully some of these gift ideas will make some good birthday presents or maybe even secret santa gifts for runners.

What are some of your best gift ideas for runners?

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