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Newsletter #1 - Have I Told You I’m A Runner?

Newsletter #1 - Have I Told You I’m A Runner?


Hey friends,

Welcome to my first newsletter! I started selling handmade badge pins on Etsy in February and now, seven months later here we are, this has grown into serving over 1,000 loud and proud runners! This newsletter will be a very infrequent (every two weeks or so) digest of Rundeavour news and interesting running and health related things I have discovered along the way. I hope you enjoy it!

I have been running a lot recently. I'm training for two ultra distance races (3rd October is the Suffolk Backyard Ultra and 10th October is the Centurion 100 miler). HAVE I TOLD YOU I'M A RUNNER? 😂

I'll be documenting my journey on Instagram (@livingeverymile), so feel free to drop by and say hello. By hour 8 I think I'll need all the support I can get!

My favourite things this week:

1 - This week I finished "Everybody Writes" by Ann Handley while out on a run (yes on Audible, although I'd love to be able to run whilst holding a book. Maybe one day...). While it's a book about becoming a better writer, there was one particular section that resonated with me as a runner.

Ann explains that sometimes people are afraid to start writing because they know it won't be their best work. But she urges us to embrace the "ugly first draft" and not to fear the white blank page. Great work isn't born, it's grown through sustained practice, such as 30 minutes per day rather than 3.5 hours once a week.

Are you terrified of getting a bad time when you haven't been running as much as you would have liked to?

Embrace it. Embrace the fact that you are about to head out the door and run, while millions of others are sat on their sofas. Embrace the fact that we aren't born crazy fit runners. We have to work hard, through a sustained practice to develop the skills. If lockdown has meant you've lost your running mojo, no bother. Haul yourself up, embrace that ugly first draft and keep going little and often. You've got this.

2 - LSW Mind Cards. I'm a big fan of anything that helps us look after our wellbeing and mental health. I recently discovered LSW Mind Cards, which are a pack of 45 individually designed cards, each with a tool or task listed on them. They cover everything from kindness and gratitude to rituals and journalling. The daily prompts are designed to help us become more mindful, build healthy habits, and ultimately lead a more positive, fulfilling life. I'm obsessed.

But that's not all. On the LSW website, there is also the Guided Meditation for De-stress which I listened to after a hard run over the weekend. Let me tell you, it worked wonders and I will definitely be trying more tutorials when I need a relaxation boost.

If you fancy giving the LSW Mind Cards or the guided meditations a go, you can use this link to browse and purchase. I may receive a small commission on the sale which really helps me out. Thank you in advance and I hope you enjoy.

5 Star Reviews

Thank you all so much for the fantastic reviews both on Etsy and the website!

Quote of the week

"Don’t let perfection get in the way of good" -- Italian proverb (from 1770) Moral poem -- La Begueule

Rundeavour £15 giveaway

Head over to @rundeavour Instagram for a chance to win £15 to spend at That's enough for a t-shirt! Competition ends 2nd October, 12pm BST.

That's all for this week! Until next time,

Founder of Rundeavour and keen ultra runner

Please direct all feedback and suggestions you think should be included in this newsletter to

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